About This Station

The station is powered by a Techno 2350 weather station. The data is collected every 20 seconds and the site is updated every 5 minutes. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

About This Village

Poslingford is a small village situated approximately 1 miles to the north of Clare, Suffolk, England. Poslingford lies near to a stream that feeds the River Stour (via the Chilton Stream), and the main part of the village follows the line of The Street (the main road through to the village of Stansfield), rising approximately 18m in height above sea level from south to north.

The Church of St Mary, near the centre of the village, is part of the Stour Valley Group of churches, and services are held there on a rotational basis. The Parish council meeting takes place in the church foyer as it is the only public place available in the village for such meetings to be held. The church holds a stone coffin and bell recovered from the site of Chipley Priory about 1 mile (2 km) north-west of the village.[1] Both the priory and the church became part of the holdings of the College in Stoke-by-Clare.[2] The village was once self-sufficient, having a school, post office, small shop, a blacksmith and a public house, The Shepherd and Dog. These have all long closed and today most of the 200 or so residents travel to Clare for their requirements.

[1] Chipley Priory:- Augustinian Priory first recorded circa 1235. There are no located remains of the priory, which appears to have been ruinous by 1455. It was annexed to the college of Stoke by Clare in 1468. A farmhouse, which was much altered in the 19th Century occupies the site and incorporates a small part of the west range of the monastic buildings, but there are no architectural features confirming a 13th Century date.

[2] Stoke College:- Was intended to support a small community of priests and choristers under the patronage of Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March. Stoke College is now an independent school for 3-16 year olds.

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